Please find important information about registering for IEEE EDOC 2020 below.

Registration is possible at this link.

Please email if you need any assistance.

Attendee Registration

IEEE EDOC 2020 will be an online conference. Attendees will pay a nominal fee of $ 10 for the entire conference. Authors receive attendee access when paying the publication fee.

Publication Fee

To pay for the production of the proceedings, administration by IEEE, and use of services like EasyChair, we do ask authors to pay a fee. The fee for 2020 is:
$ 230 (IEEE Members)
$ 275 (non-IEEE Members)
$ 160 (Student IEEE Members)
$ 195 (Student non-IEEE Members)

Authors will receive links to conference sessions. They can use these links to invite others free of charge. However, they are expressly requested not to share these links via social media to prevent SPAM and video-conference bombing.